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examine 英[gzmn]美[zmn]vt. 检查,调查; 考试; 诊察; 审问;vi. 检查; 调查;[例句]We need to examine into details.我们必须详细检查.[其他] 第三人称单数:examines 现在分词:examining 过去式:examined 过去分词:examined 形近词: diamine monoamine alamine

检查 动词 有两个词性 就省得再造一个词 省事呗

examine [美] [gzmn] [英] [igzmin] 及物动词 1. 测验[(+in/on)] The teacher examined the students in physics. 教师考学生物理. 2. 审问;盘问[(+on)] The lawyer examined the witness. 律师讯问了证人. 3. 检查;细查;诊察 The doctor examined the boy and found there was nothing the matter with him. 医生检查了男孩的身体发现他是健康的.不及物动词 1. 检查,调查

hexamine 英 ['heksmi:n] 美 ['heksmi:n] n. 四氮六甲圜 例句:Gasoline, diesel oil, LPG, oil of softening jute, formaldehyde, hexamine, ethyl formate and other chemical reagents.汽油,柴油,液化石油气,软麻油,甲酸,甲醛,乌洛托品,甲酸

动词,检查,调查,考试,检测 examine in 考(某人)在某一学科上所具有的知识 examine on 考(某人)在某一问题上所具有的知识 examine 指“仔细调查或审查”, 如∶ the doctor examined him carefully. 医生仔细检查了他的身体.inspect

examine [i'zmin]

examine: [ ig'zmin ] 1. The doctor examined her carefully. 医生仔细检查了她的身体. 2. The policeman who was sent down to examine, says me house has been broken open on the most scientific principles. 派来调查的警察说,我家的大门是根

examine的英语解释是:to look at (a person or thing ) closely , in order to find out something.它主要指通过仔细地观察以找出问题.如My bag was examined carefully when I entered the country.inspect的英语解释是:①to examine (the details of

一、词义辨析不一样 examine v. 检查,审查 〔辨析〕表示仔细、彻底地查看某物,以便发现更多信息.〔例证〕The police will have to examine the only piece of physical evidence for fingerprints.警察得检查这唯一的物证有没有指纹.test v. 测验

examination [i,zmi'nein] n. 考试;检查;查问

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