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in Emailin可以(表示手段、方法、材料)用,以但是with常常和Email搭配比如Communicate with email(用邮箱交流)

楼主想表达什么意思?不同的语境对介词的选择是不同的,有的时候不需要介词,比如:by email 用邮件的方式 如果说在邮件里面,可以说in an email


Send an email to sb.给某人发电子邮件

一般用to 例如:The photos to my email

by 比如说: I contact with him by email.我用email和他联系

邮箱前面用to,因为邮件也是信件.to my emailI am very happy in your reply mail to my email.我很高兴在你的回复邮件发到我的电子邮箱里.I still haven't had a reply to my email.我的电子邮件还没有收到回复.

为您2113解5261答41021653send Emails to this addresssend Emails to this accountContact us at this Email address/account都可内以容

泛指时用an 特指时用the 如:I sent him a e-mail.我发了封邮件给他 I have sent the e-mail he wanted.我给他发了他需要的邮件.他指明需要的,所以是特指的

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