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She was clearly an important person. 她显然是个有影响的人. It's very important to teach the children about road safety. 把交通安全常识教给孩子们是非常重要的 Clouds are made up of water.云是由水构成的.This is something you don't invent.

1. Teaching is not very rewarding financially, ie not very well paid. 教书的工作报酬不太高. 2. In the conjunction of America and Europe James had a rewarding theme. 詹姆斯在欧美的结合体里找到了一个有价值的题材. 3. Walden saw

forget to do 忘记要去做某事. (未做) Don't forget to come tomorrow.别忘了明天来. (to come动作未做)

1.He is a successful businessman. 2.My dad is a successful teacher.


wreck: [ rek ] n. 失事,残骸,破坏,健康受损的人 vt. 破坏,造成失事 [ 过去式wrecked 过去分词wrecked 现在分词wrecking 第三人称单数wrecks ] 例句与用法 1. have they found the wreck of the ship? 他们找到那艘船的残骸了吗? 2. the ship was wrecked on the rock. 船在岩石上撞毁了. 3. the train wrecked at midnight. 这列火车半夜出轨了.

emphasized 英 ['emfsaz] 美 ['emfsaz] vt.强调;着重;使突出 造句 He emphasized the importance of careful driving.他强调小心驾驶的重要性.We cannot emphasize too much the importance of learning English.我们再怎样强调学英文

facilitatevt.促进,助长; 使容易; 帮助; It will facilitate the culture and commitment that the firm hopes to build. 这将有利于促进公司所希望的文化和承诺的建立.Friendly contacts between different peoples facilitate the cultural and economic

The bird flew out a window.鸟从窗户飞出去了


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