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我的周末 My weekend I make a very happy this weekend, I'm glad, Saturday morning, I slept a Lanjue, ten points over time to get up, I went to KFC to eat hamburgers and French fries. In the afternoon, I went to the movies my friends and playing

l am going to have a busy weekend!on bus,l am going to the bookstore by subway.l am going to buy a new cd and some story-books.tgen,l am going to go home and read the new books.on sunday,l am going to the supermarket with my mothe.we

My WeekendsI have happy weekends.I am busy with my lessons during weekdays,so I usually do something at the weekend to relax myselve.Sometimes I go shopping with

at the weekends i will be busy.on saturday i will go to visit the great wall.on sunday i will stay at home.in the morning i will do my homework.in the afternoon i will help my mother do housework.and i will be happy at the weekends.周末我将会很忙.星期六,我要去参观长城.星期天我要待在家里.上午我要做作业.下午我要帮妈妈做家务.在周末我也将会很开心.希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼o(∩_∩)o

I had a very happy weekend. On Saturday morning ,the weather was sunny. I got up at 6:30am ,then I did exercise for half an hour. After breakfast, I visited my uncle, and player with my cousin,Mary . We went to a restaurant for lunch . And we went to

I am going to have a wonderful weekend.My best friend invited me to her birthday sleepover,which will not end until Saturday noon.Then,I will spend the rest of the day hanging

my weekend 我的周末 last weekend english play show was a great success. there were fourteen english shows. they were quite interesting and made us laugh all the time. cinderella was very beautiful,and stepmother was very ugly and angry. my

How was your weekend?My weekend was not bad. On Saturday morning ,I just stsyed at home and did some reading . In the afternoon ,I did my homework and watched TV.On the Sunday,I went to the beach with my family.I went swimming in the

I was very busy last weekend .On Satunday morning.I did my homework ,it was a little difficult.In the afternoon ,I cleaned my room.Saturday,I watched TV.On Sunday morning.I visited my grandqarents.Then in the afternoon ,I went to the library,on Sunday nigth ,I stayed at home studied.

The weekend is coming.I will have a happy weekend.On Saturday morning, I'm going to do my homework. And then, I'm going out to play. I'm going to the bookstore and read some books. In the evening, I am going to have dinner with my

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